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Personal Credit Cards

Advanced security in the palm of your hand

 Credit Card - Consumer

Visa® Classic

Perfect for everyday or special purchases

A great choice for first-time credit card users or for those transferring a balance.APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD

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Credit Card - Gold

Visa® Gold

extra buying power FOR those who desire a little more

Plus, you’ll enjoy benefits such as travel and emergency assistance.APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD

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Payment Options

Using one of our convenient options, you may choose to pay your Prosperity Bank Visa® card in full or the minimum payment each month.

Log on to Credit Cards

Pay by phone at 1-855-340-8771

or you can pay your bill by check

Prosperity Bank

Dept. #350 | P.O. Box 21228 | Tulsa, OK 74121-1228

How it works

Chip Technology

  • Cards are embedded with an EMV computer chip.
  • A unique, one-time code is generated at every transaction - providing an additional layer of security.
  • Simply insert your card into the chip-enabled terminal.
  • You can count on enhanced fraud protection every time you use your card.

Annual Percentage Rate

  • Fixed APR, not an introductory rate.

Grace Period

  • No finance charges will be assessed on new purchases if the full balance is paid by the payment due date shown on your monthly statement.
  • No grace period on cash advances. Interest starts on the date of the cash advance transaction and continues until paid in full.

Revolving Balance

  • If you carry over a balance each month, the APR will be in effect. Your statement will reflect the minimum payment that is due.

Balance Transfer Provision

  • Consolidate your debt into one simple payment.
  • Eliminate additional monthly fees.
  • Eliminate high-interest rates you may be paying on your other cards.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to pay off debt.

To request a copy of your cardholder agreement, please call 1-800-531-1401 or email your name, mailing address, and contact number to For your protection, please do not send personal account information.

uChoose Rewards Program

With the uChoose Rewards program, you can earn valuable points just by using your Prosperity Bank Visa® Card. You can then redeem points online for a great range of merchandise and gift cards.

$1=1 pointEarn 1 point for every retail dollar spent

+ MoreRedeem points for virtually unlimited options

 There is no limit to the number of points you can earn


or call our Customer Service Center at (800) 531-1401 for more information.

The advantages really add up

  • Convenience
  • Bookkeeping made easy
  • Build credit
  • Cash advance privileges
  • Emergency buying power


Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of carrying a credit card?

Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for virtually everything you need, from groceries, and clothing to hotel stays and online purchases. A credit card is also a good way to establish or re-establish a strong credit history, which is essential when applying for a car loan, home financing, insurance coverage, and the like.

How is my credit limit determined?

A number of considerations determine the credit limit, including how long you’ve been employed, credit score, and amount of debt.

What are some of the benefits of the Prosperity Visa® credit cards?

Whether you’re traveling, shopping, or dining, a Prosperity Visa® Card will have you covered. Both the Prosperity Visa® Classic and Visa® Gold credit cards offer you these features:

  • Visa® cards are accepted at merchants around the world
  • Access cash from 1.9 million ATMs 
  • Advanced security features provide you with optimal peace of mind
  • General inquiries and assistance is readily available 24/7
  • A 25-day interest-free grace period on purchases 
  • Zero liability fraud protection
  • Travel Accident Insurance
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